Saturday, May 4, 2019

Yandere Simulator Game Online Download

Anime games have been on the constant rise with more and more people getting drawn towards them. Yandere simulator is online game with everything that a girl would love playing about with. While the theme of the game maybe pink, it is anything but soft and floral. Yandere simulator game glorifies the emotions that a girl feels for a guy and how she could cross boundaries to ensure that there is no one coming between the two of them. This is possibly the main feature and gameplay that you need to know of when it comes to this game. Majority of the users who have actually played the game already state that it actually is a stealth game in which all you need to do is stalk the boy you like and prevent anyone else from hindering in the process. You need to go above and beyond to get rid of your possible competitors who take a liking to the boy you are crushing on. The only catch is that you need to maintain the image of an innocent school girl all throughout the planning and plotting.

But what does Yandere Simulator even mean? This is a very commonly asked question and to answer it in simple words, Yandere girl is a girl who is willing to fight or even kill someone who tries to take away the boy they are in love with. Sounds pretty toxic, right? But well, it’s nothing but a game, perhaps a computer video game.

Yandere Simulator Gameplay Online 
Now, if you are to download Yandere game on pc, the very first thing that you possibly would want to know is about the gameplay of Yandere Simulator.

Gamers who have played the Yandere Simulator Game often categorize this one as something similar to that of Hitman series. You are predominantly placed around in an open environment and all you need to do is find your targets and wipe them out.